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The SCOPE™ Institution is a Nonprofit 501(c) Entity

As business owners attempt to exit their businesses over the next ten years, our country faces a severe systemic problem; only 20% will ever sell.

Our National Systemic Problem

The State of Owner Readiness

Source: Exit Planning Institute


80% of businesses owned by baby boomers will not sell over the next ten years.


83% do not have a plan, or have not documented or communicated their plan.


67% do not understand available options to exit their businesses.

If only 20% sell, what happens to the other 80%?

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You may not be ready to sell or transition your business today; most people aren’t. However, there may come a day when you’ll want to explore your options. However, when the day comes, you might be ready, but will your business be ready?

Exiting your business is a major life event. After all, you probably plan well in advance for many of the important events in your life, and few are more important than the eventual transition of your life’s work.  

Mature Businesswoman
Mature Businessman

The vast majority will not sell because of misguided assumptions about exit planning and selling their businesses. Many business owners do not have an exit plan, are not aware of exit strategies, and, most importantly, have not started the process even though it usually takes years to plan successfully.

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SCOPE™, a non profit organization provides education and literacy through college-style educational courses and events. Helping people understand all areas of exit planning and strategy.


SCOPE™ is a national consortium of licensed instructors and trained exit planning professionals, each with a minimum of 20 years of real-world experience in their field.

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