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The Estate Library

Planning Strategies 

- All Videos Range Between One And Two Minutes -

Seriously, Have You Ever Considered a Financial Butler?

Do you use a butler in your home? You know the type, someone that services your household needs and prepares dinners for you. As a new twist, would you like to use a financial butler for your assets?

What Wealthy People Do About Appreciating Assets 

As a popular planning tool for wealthy individuals to reduce income, gift, and estate taxes to diversify a highly appreciated portfolio 

How do you feel about paying 67-cents of every dollar in your estate to the government?

With every problem, there is a solution and it means utilizing existing tax codes available only to the wealthy to mitigate your tax liability.  

Have You Had This Conversation A With Your Family? 

The Principles of True Wealth will be the most important conversation you'll have with your family about wealth

How to use leverage and arbitrage, to your distinct advantage.

How to provide the liquidity necessary to pay estate taxes and ensure that you pass your legacy assets on to your heirs.

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