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Terms of Use


Hello and welcome to (the "Site"). THE SCOPE ORGANIZATION, LLC owns and operates this website ("us," "we," or "SCOPE"). By visiting, viewing, and while using our Site, you (along with all other visitors, accessing and using our Web page, the "Users") entirely understand and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement (as revised from time to time, the "Terms of Service")

You acknowledge that you must regularly revisit these Terms of Service to stay updated on any updates. If you want to use our Site after we update the Terms of Service, you acknowledge and agree to the new terms. You may not use the Site if you refuse to accept these Terms of Service at any time, even following any modifications we make; however, any previous conduct by you will be regulated by the Terms of Service conditions in effect at the time of your conduct.

1. About the Site


The "Services" apply to all we provide on the Site jointly in these Terms of Service. Any content on the Site can be viewed without registering with us; however, to access nonpublic parts, actively engage in the Site, and save your details, you need only to register your email address and permit the use and disclosure of your specific information to enable us to offer the Services and as also stated in our Privacy Policy.

Even though some of the educational materials, videos, text, information, visuals, images, data, recommendations, guidelines, and other content (equitably, "Information") that is offered to you on the Site (including information provided in direct response to your searches and other activities) may be supported by people in the expert providers profession, you accept that the requirement of such information is not guaranteed. Any services or products you receive from a SCOPE Wealth Strategist are at your own risk in terms of content, suitability, and pricing.

2. Our Services


THE SCOPE ORGANIZATION, LLC is a program that connects wealthy people with specialized services. You acknowledge that no material made available as part of the Communication represents a suggestion that any type of investment, safety, portfolio of securities, trade, or investment plan is appropriate for any individual person. Suppose any of the educational resources made available as part of the Services is interpreted as expert or investment advice. In that case, it is informal and not customized to the specialist or investment needs of any particular User.


The information presented on the web and all other newsletters from or provided by SCOPE or the web is not meant to be a replacement, nor does it supplement professional or financial advice. Do not ignore, stop, or defer receiving financial or investment advice from a licensed professional because of what you find on OUR WEBSITE. You are solely responsible for the use of the information presented on the web. Nothing on the web or available through any online providers is meant to be and should not be construed as providing professional or investment advice to any person.

Our website is merely a medium or intermediary that disseminates educational material about the wealthy’s problems. While we have a screening procedure in place before allowing qualified technical service providers to provide Information to Users on our Site, you use any information presented on our Site at your own risk. The material on the Site may contain conclusory statements that are not facts or advice to use the services of any other professional provider without conducting your own detailed analysis and vetting. Before choosing and accessing any other professional resources, you can receive any relevant details required to make an educated decision. You commit to taking full responsibility for any advice or technical service you get from SCOPE faculty members or investment strategists.

THE SCOPE ORGANIZATION, LLC is not accountable for any expert advice or other services provided or for any accusations that may emerge directly or indirectly from this advice or services. Securities trading (which includes, but is not limited to, options, stocks, insurance policies, investment funds, ETFs, and bonds) entails risk and uncertainty. Past success is not always predictive of potential outcomes. Many factors will influence your experience and the success of your investments, and your results will vary from those of other People.

​In addition to all other due analyses that you find necessary or attractive, you are highly urged to conduct your own due research on any professional service you suggest approaching and engaging.


3. Authorization and Acknowledgement; Important Information About Professional Service Relationships and Lists


You agree that when you use the Site and Resources to look for skilled services, you are agreeing to the following:​


You are actually in charge of selecting the professional service.​

SCOPE is created to assist users in locating professional support depending on the requirements you specify. It is not a method of contacting potential customers to solicit relevant consulting services.

SCOPE will provide you with knowledge about specialist providers without assessing their suitability for your specific needs.


Professional providers can only engage in the Services if they have an active license from their relevant Regulator (SEC or home state regulatory authority) and meet all SCOPE requirements.


SCOPE reserves the right to exclude any technical provider that has engaged in unethical or unprofessional behavior at any time to SCOPE's knowledge.

Few consulting services can also be licensed broker-dealers, licensed associates of broker-dealers, and insurance brokers in rare cases; however, SCOPE's emphasis is exclusively on skilled services and their services.

4. Editorial Control

The Site is a technology-enabled ranked website that we have. It is necessary to remember that the precision and promptness of any or all of the information cannot be ensured. Neither the publishers, editorial staff, nor any other individual engaged in the planning or publishing of this work can guarantee that the data collected herein is correct or complete in any way, so they nor we can be found accountable for any mistakes or inaccuracies or for the results obtained through the use of such content. SCOPE disclaims any responsibility for the informational content of any Material, whether based on copyright, patents, libel, anonymity, obscenity, or any other legal theory.

You can objectively verify the information found herein with other sources and obtain expert advice if necessary.

The content on the Site is only for generic learning and educational purposes. Any data on the Site could become outdated or unreliable at any time. Except for the Service provider's representative to SCOPE, and SCOPE's presumption to its awareness, that the professional service is approved with the SEC or a regional regulatory body at the time the technical assistance was applied to the Site, neither the Site nor SCOPE gives any guidance or credential certification about any specific technical service. This certification only requires the administrative authority of the Advisor's home state; it does not imply that any other professional assistance is approved to provide financial advice in the User's state of residence. You should independently check all information.


The services and products discussed or sold on the Site may not be appropriate for all people or circumstances. We make no claims about a particular product or service's efficacy. Any paid or free product or service advertised on the Site by advertisers, supporters, or other Site members is provided for your awareness. It does not mean rightness for any specific person or a prediction of efficacy, result, or achievement.

5. Registration


You will have an email contact for the registration process to access ongoing educational material and make appointments with our SCOPE wealth consultants.

Privacy Policy


Please read it cautiously before using the website, as your pledge to the Privacy Policy is understood by your use of the Site.

6. Your Responsibilities

And the fact that accessibility to our website is free, you will be charged for just any professional services provided to you, which will be solely your responsibility. When and where you hire a professional service, you must evaluate, consider, and commit to the payments you will be charged for.

7. Intellectual Property


We, our licensors, or the professional providers or their agents own all of the Available Information on or via Services and the Website, comprising text, images, graphics, and video and audio material. Copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret regulations, as well as other exclusive rights and foreign treaties, cover much of this information. SCOPE does not give you any explicit or implicit rights in the content, except as precisely and unambiguously provided in these Terms of Use, and any rights in the Website and Services, not rights authorized by SCOPE to you are held by SCOPE or the legal representatives of the Data. We deny any undivided interest or liability for checking or authenticating the reliability, source, or quality of any content, logo, trademark, or copyright posted on the Site and credited to a third party.

8. Disclaimer of Warranties


You agree that we now have zero influence over and no obligation to take specific action concerning: which Users gain access to the Website or the Services; what information you access through the use of the Site or the Service providers; what impact the website content or the Facilities may have on you; how you perceive or use the content on the Internet or the Facilities; or what measures you may take as a consequence of getting been introduced to the content on the Site or the Services. You agree to hold us harmless for any information you might have obtained or not obtained via the Site or Services. We make no claims about any materials on the Site or through the Services. We will not be accountable or liable for the authenticity, copyright infringement, legality, or integrity of any material on the Site or via Services. We make no guarantees or assurances about the operation or product suggestions or advice made or purchased from the Site or the Services.



We offer the platform and services "as is," "with all flaws," and "as applicable," with no explicit or implied guarantees or assurances. We, as a result of this, disclaim all contracts, including all legal warranties, concerning the services and the web, to the entire degree allowed by statute, also without limitation, all warranty claims that the services are useable, of satisfactory nature, correct, fit for a specific purpose or requirement, or non-infringing. We make no promise that the outcomes of using the services will be efficient, secure, or precise or that they will satisfy your needs. We make no promise that you will be able to obtain or use the services (directly or via third-party networks) at times or places of your choice, or whether any of the material will help you find appropriate professional advice or for whatever reason.


We may not guarantee the accuracy, durability, timeliness, or completeness of data submitted by web users or any other data or information provided or obtained via the platform. SCOPE disclaims all accountability and liability for any arrangements you may enter into with or goods or services you may receive from professional services or other third parties about which you learn from or on behalf of the platform or services. You consent to direct all lawsuits resulting from such agreements, products, or services exclusively to such individuals. SCOPE provides no warranties for the information systems, applications, or functions made available via the web or any other protection connected with the transfer of confidential information, except as expressly stated herein. SCOPE makes no representations or warranties that the Site or facilities would be error-free. Data would not be lost, or that the services, software, or Site would be free of computer viruses, toxins, or other dangerous products.

9. General Limitation of Liability


If you have a problem with us, the only option is to cancel your account or opt out of receiving emails and texts. We would not be responsible to you (or any other party suing under or against you) in any way for any indirect, extraordinary, unintentional, contingent, or special damages resulting through the usage of, or failure to use, the platform or the services. These exclusions extend to all lawsuits for missed sales, lost records, lack of reputation, work stoppage, technical failure or error, any other financial costs or injuries, or professional malpractice or neglect incurred by or as a result of the use of the service, even though we knew or should have learned of the risk of such damages. Regardless of the above, none in this clause or otherwise in this document shall be construed as a waiver by the applicant or either of his/her/its legal rights under applicable United States federal securities laws or indeed any laws whose implementation cannot be waived contractually.

10. Indemnification


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us, our employees, officers, contractors, directors, agents, parent, other affiliated companies, suppliers, successors, and assigns harmless from any claims, demands, liabilities, and expenses, including attorney's fees, made by any third party arising from or related to (a) your approach to the website, (b) your use of the Services, or (c) your violation of the Terms. The above indemnification duty does not cover liabilities, lawsuits, and costs arising from our own criminal negligence or willful wrongdoing.

11. Copyright Dispute Policy


In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA (available at, SCOPE has followed the following general approach against copyright infringement. At the bottom of this line, you'll find the address of SCOPE's Appointed Agent to Receive Notifications of Claimed Infringement ("Designated Agent").

12. Additional Terms


These Terms of Service, as well as all additional terms, regulations, codes, and instructions posted on the Site, along with the Privacy Policy, are the entire arrangement between you and us and override all previous formal or informal agreements. The headings in these Terms of Service are for reference only and have no bearing on the interpretation or construction of any policy. Suppose any part of these Terms of Service is found to be null or unenforceable. In that case, that section will be construed following relevant law to represent, as closely as possible, the parties' original wishes and the remaining parts will continue to be in full force and effect. The lack in SCOPE to exercise or implement any right or obligations under these Terms of Service does not imply any such right or provision is waived. The failure of any party to enforce any privilege granted herein in any way shall not be construed as a denial to any other rights granted hereunder. SCOPE is not responsible for any losses caused by events outside its jurisdiction, such as extreme storms, hurricanes, pandemics, other natural hazards, strikes, and other labor issues, conflicts, extremist acts, cybersecurity threats, protests, civil strife, and regulatory controls.

13. Choice of Law and Dispute Resolution


These Terms of Service shall be considered and executed following relevant laws of the State of North Carolina as they apply to arrangements rendered and to be done exclusively within North Carolina, without regard to the state's disputes of law statute. Any controversy, conflict, or allegation arising out of or relating to these Terms of Service or the use of the Services may be resolved by secret final and binding arbitration administered by an arbitration tribunal in North Carolina, following the American Arbitration Association's guidelines. One arbitrator may serve on the arbitration committee. The arbitrator's conclusion or award shall be a definitive, written, thought-out decision, along with an estimate of such award. Both parties shall regard it as private, and judgment on such conclusion or award may be instituted in any competent court, or an appeal for judicial approval of such proposal or award and an order of execution may be submitted to any competent court. The arbitrator has the power to grant equitable and injunctive relief as well as punitive relief, plus attorney's fees, as the arbitrator sees fit.

14. Assignment


Without the prior written consent of both parties, neither party can grant or pass these Terms of Service. Suppose you do not reply with a written objection by the notice's stated date and proceed to use the Site. In that case, we can imply informed consent by sending you 30 days prior written message specifying the event considered an "assignment" (e.g. change in our control).

15. Eligibility


To register with us or use the Platform and Services, you should be 18 years of age or older, or your state's age limit to form a formal contract if the age is higher than 18 years of age. You can not access this Site if you are under the age of 18, and you may make a parent or guardian get it on your behalf. You can use the Site or Facilities on behalf of a person under the age of 18 unless you're the parent or legal representative of such a young person. Through using the Site or Resources on the consent of a minor child, you accept these terms that you are the legal guardian or parent and that any references to "you" within those Terms of Service refer to (a) such child or another person on whose behalf you have authority to enter into all these Terms of Service and (b) you in your responsibility as the parent or guardian. Do not use the Platform or Services if you do not apply for these conditions. Where existing law prohibits participation in the Services, the right to use the Site is suspended in those jurisdictions. You suggest and warrant that you have the right, jurisdiction, and capabilities to opt into these Terms of Service and comply with all of the terms and conditions set forth herein by accessing the Site or the Services. The Site is based in the United States and is designed for residents of the United States. Users are committed to complying with all relevant legislation relating to their use of the Services or the Site, often without restriction, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any relevant international privacy regulations, if they access the Services or the Site outside of the United States.

16. Submissions


Your comments and recommendations on how to develop this Site and the Services are welcomed by SCOPE. Through sending any statements, facts, material, or other Information to SCOPE (collectively, "Feedback"), you reflect and guarantee that such suggestions do not violate any third party's property rights or intellectual property rights (including, without restriction, patents, copyright laws, or intellectual property) and that you have all appropriate rights to send such feedback to SCOPE. Furthermore, any information gathered through this Site will be considered to have a royalty-free, indefinite, irreversible, exchangeable, non-exclusive right and license for SCOPE to adopt, post, replicate, distribute, copy, use, transmit, publish, create derivative works, and display (in whole or in part) anywhere, or act on any feedback, without further approval or evaluation, in any way.



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